Wines Make a Perfect Wedding Gift

A bottle of wine makes a perfect wedding gift because just like the wedding, wine also matures into something better with every passing year. And with innumerable variants of personalized wedding gift wine, you stand a perfect chance to have a lasting and a meaningful impression on your guests (if you are giving it away as favor) or host (if you are gifting it to the married couple).

Even though we say that wine is the most dependable gift one can think of and the best last-moment buys as well, we do not say that you do not need to think when buying one. It might be surprising to many but there are over 10,000 varieties of grapes in the world that can give you a perfect bottle of wine!

Wine Etiquettes

But did you know that there are wine gifting etiquettes too. And wine that you gift your boss can certainly not be the same as the one that you gift your childhood friend or first love?

A wine bottle is perfect for a private dinner setting as well as a wedding reception but when you are carrying a bottle to a private dinner, your priority should be your friends’ taste. But when you are carrying a bottle of wine as a wedding gift, you need to ensure that you are spending more on it than you spent on the one for dinner.

Wedding Gift Wine with a custom label

So by this time you would know that wine serves as a perfect gift for every occasion and there is a special one for every occasion too. But there is still some news left! You can make your wedding gift wine much more impressive and interesting by adding a custom label to it.

A custom label can have the name of the couple, the date of wedding or both. There are several ways in which one can customize the adhesive wine labels. Some people prefer to put a small quotation, a popular saying or wedding vows on the label while others choose to personalize it with the wedding theme itself.

Adding a custom label to a wine bottle is a great idea since:

  • They make a unique and personalized gift idea
  • They are the easiest way to pep up an ordinary gift
  • They are perfect for several occasions such as wedding receptions, engagement parties, bachelorette party or announcement parties
  • They are available in several varieties such as stickers, bottle covers or the popular wine labels
  • They are completely customizable
  • There are a number of themes to choose from

If wine bottles are used as favors or bonbonnaire, the host of the vent can use them to remind the guests about the special day by mentioning their names and the date of the special occasion on it. And if it is used as a gift to the married couple, the label can also have a warm or a wacky message.

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