A real obstacle course for some, a memorable fun time for others, the moment of finding a wedding gift is experienced either as a drama or as entertainment. For those who don't necessarily have any ideas, we're here to offer suggestions that will help you hit the bull's eye on the big day!

Rely on the classics

Yes, sometimes the classics are good, and it's not uncommon for them to make an impact when you're unpacking. You might think that a plaid, kitchen towels, chef's knives, dishes or even decorations are a bit too old-fashioned? You'd be wrong, on the contrary: the best recipes are often made in old pots, and you'd be surprised how original you can sometimes look with very little!

Opt for something original

You can also leave the classics behind and dig a little deeper in your head by trying to find THE one that will make you the best friend of the couple. A dinner for two in a gourmet restaurant, a weekend together in a spa in Auvergne or... a humorous toilet paper roll: it all depends on the effect you want to produce when unwrapping the gifts!

Simply choose from the wedding list

Before you start looking for the perfect gift, there are couples who don't like surprises and want to be sure of what they're getting. For these couples, they make a wedding gift list and then give you the name of the store so that you can go and buy them their little gift. Zero originality, but at least you are sure not to make a mistake by offering a vibrator to the bride on the big day!