Flowers always have their place in wedding decoration. They bring a natural effect and a touch of authenticity to the entire wedding venue and reception hall, while harmonizing with a beautiful wedding dress. Find here some tips for a successful wedding floral decoration.

The floral decoration of the wedding venue

Jasmine, tulip, white, red or pink roses, lilies...these types of flowers can be used for the floral decoration of the town hall, the church and the reception hall for your wedding. You can make your own floral arrangements according to the theme of your wedding. Many florists are also willing to offer you unique and chic floral arrangements. For the beautification of the venue of your wedding celebration, opt for small round shaped floral bouquets. You can attach them to the end of each row of pews in the town hall and church. The table and altar will be decorated with two bouquets of flowers a little larger than the chairs.

Mixing fruit and flowers to decorate the tables of the guests

Nowadays, it is trendy to mix fruity notes and floral nuances in a bouquet that invites itself in the center of the table. The same is true for buffets. However, avoid flowers with heady scents and choose medium-sized bouquets, so as not to obstruct the vision of each of your guests during the meal. Ideally, you should order them at least one or two months before your wedding to avoid unpleasant surprises. Don't forget that the flowers must be in adequacy with the famous dress of the bride.