Wedding decoration: love on the menu

You only get married once. This explains why people do everything possible to make this moment a real fairy tale. The ceremonial phase is quickly offset by the theatrical phase of the event. Glitter and finery are the order of the day. In the church as well as in the reception hall, the decorations hold a special place. Everything must evoke the love, the romance and the passion that bind the bride and groom. Here are some very original decorations to inspire you.

The heart in the spotlight

The heart is a must when it comes to wedding decoration. An undeniable symbol of love, it brings out the romantic side of the occasion. You can use heart-shaped candy boxes or macaroon bags decorated witha heart-shaped stickers. Alternatively, you can opt for more original decorations. Whether it is during the ceremony or at the reception, it will awaken the romance of the wedding and the splendor of the event. In addition, you can offer small heart-shaped keepsake gifts for the guests.

Fur as decoration

You can also buy real fur plaids for a cozy decoration close to nature. At the same time, give yourself fur pillows and rugs to keep you warm.

The red-white duo

Red is the color of love. That's why it's often used to decorate reception halls during weddings. White, on the other hand, refers to the purity and sincerity of the love between the bride and groom. A red place card on a white tablecloth is therefore a perfect solution for a romantic wedding. You can also use small red balloons to make it even more special.
Choosing the right flowers for a successful wedding decoration
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