To ensure the smooth running of the wedding ceremony, it is essential to have all the accessories on hand. Because the success of the ceremony does not only depend on the decoration of the room, the quality of the animation or the taste of the menu. We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of some essential accessories.

Accessories for the bride

To perfect the bride's outfit, some accessories are essential:
  • The veil is a symbol of marriage. It can be replaced by a hat, a crown or a headband if the bride's dress is short or bohemian inspired;
  • The gloves highlight your wedding ring;
  • Jewelry: rhinestones, necklaces and earrings to complete your outfit;
  • The natural or artificial bouquet with various shapes must be harmonized with the color of the dress and the silhouette of the bride.

Winter wedding accessories

If you decide to get married during the winter, it is important to have accessories that will keep you warm. Filled boots, gloves, sweaters and coats are a must. Most often, brides and grooms choose pristine white furs often studded with precious ornaments.

The groom's accessories

On the big day, the groom dresses up to be worthy of his princess in white. But, for this, a suit and shirt is not enough. Accessories such as cufflinks, shoes and belts also contribute to make the groom the king of the ceremony.