Trendy colors in wedding decoration

Choosing a color is not mandatory when organizing a wedding. On the other hand, it greatly facilitates the realization of the decoration of the hall and the church. The choice and the making of the invitations, the groom's suit and the bride's dress also depend on this theme. Matching one or two colors is not always easy. Two parameters must be taken into account.

The choice of the wedding theme

This is the first criterion that determines the color of your wedding. Indeed, it is according to the theme that the decorations of the room will be chosen. The matching of the theme with the colors ensures the harmonization of the atmosphere. So, if you choose nature, garden or landscape as a theme, you should favor green and white. Red and garnet are perfect for the theme of love and passion. As for the theme on romance, pink, red and purple are the most appropriate. On the other hand, blue and its variants fit perfectly with the theme of the ocean and the sky.

The marriage of colors between them

To avoid a gloomy atmosphere, the ideal is to create an assortment of two colors. Also, to have a perfect match, one should be lighter and the other darker or one is more matte and the other brighter. On the other hand, you should avoid combining more than three colors. This will weigh down the decoration of the reception hall for a dream wedding.
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