My music themed wedding

Musicians or music lovers, choose music as a theme for your wedding. It is a theme that offers a multitude of possibilities. From the announcements to the decoration of the hall, the bride and groom have a wide choice.

The musical style invitations

Each musical style has its own original invitation design. You can use concert tickets as inspiration for your invitation. Alternatively, you can choose a particular instrument to illustrate the cover of the invitation. The guitar is at the top of the list. The wedding magician fits very well with the musical entertainment of the wedding. In addition, the small tools of musicians such as the pick, a CD cover or the musical note bring a touch of originality to the invitation.

Tables on a musical tone

When it comes to table names, the choice is very varied. You can use musical instruments, film music, love songs, types of music, famous songs... As a decoration, you can use among others rolls of sheet music. With these, you can make pretty windmills or vase decorations. You have the menus design music note, photophore music score or classic menu with music motifs.

Decorations of the room with musical tendency

Here is the theme that inspires original decorations. For the floor, use rose petals to draw musical notes. You can also place musical instruments in the room. To achieve a vintage style, vintage instruments like jukebox and drum are a must. Alternatively, you can hang vinyl album covers, CDs, floppy disks or disco balls to decorate the room.
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