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Published on : 08 October 20214 min reading time
Planning a wedding can be frustrating and very stressful. Many couples take the initiative to hire professionals to prepare their big day, because they are busy with their work. But for other couples, they prefer to leave this big task to themselves in order to be as satisfied as possible. Maybe you are on a tight budget, or maybe you just like to do things your way? Either way, there are a lot of extra details, but it’s doable to plan your fairytale wedding on your own. Get organized with these valuable tips. 

Estimate your budget in advance and discuss it with the couple

Your budget will be the most important criteria to discuss between couples, as it will determine all your decisions and choices. If your parents decide to finance part of your expenses, ask them how they will do it.  If you are footing the bill yourself, it’s time to take a hard look at your finances. Be prepared for a reality check when it comes to budgeting your wedding, as many couples can’t handle all the costs involved. Once you have that magic number, stick to it! Take time with your couple, such as weekends, to discuss the most crucial points of your wedding. From the venue, photographers, bands, DJ, wedding date, or invitation distribution, prioritize these important decisions first to lighten your load. This tip will help you limit your budget and focus on other equally important details.

Ideas on dress, decoration and theme

Look for bridal inspiration from a wedding blog and from experienced service providers. If you already have your own wedding style in mind, it will help you tremendously when you start talking to various vendors and suppliers. Keep table decorations simple, but chic. When it comes to the wedding date, avoid setting a single date like your birthday. Ideally, you should have several choices such as the date you first met or the date you started dating so you don’t run into booked venues when you make your reservation. Consider external factors such as the popularity of these dates for other brides and grooms. Select dates that can accommodate the majority of your primary guests. Whether it’s a nature, bohemian, country, historical, eco-friendly, exotic wedding theme, it’s important to have specific ideas to make the wedding planners’ job easier. Everything will seem easy to them during the realization of the decoration.

Pay attention to the contract

Before you sign on the dotted lines, be sure to carefully review the details of any contracts you enter into with your wedding vendors, including date, location, hours, deposits, additional fees, colors, quantities. Everything must be in the contract, because if it’s not, or if it’s poorly written, you won’t be protected if it’s not executed correctly. The bride and groom should read the contract together to avoid disagreements. Be wary of clauses that prevent you from reviewing the vendor after their service or if the terms seem one-sided. To be clear, a contract should describe what happens if either party breaks the contract. Carefully read any policies regarding changes in the scope of service, which means that rates may be revised if there are significant changes. Such policies are common practice in the industry, but you need to make sure you know the terms. If your contract calls for catering to a guest list of 50 people, but you later decide to invite 100, you will be responsible for paying any additional expenses. Similarly, a reception hall may have a minimum number of guests required, which can be problematic if the total guests are less than the first estimate defined in the contract.

Ask for help

Remember that you are not alone in your wedding preparations. Your family members and your future spouse’s family members are all willing to help you in any way they can. A very important time to delegate is on the big day when you’ll need a few extra hands to take care of tasks you can’t do, such as handing out checks to vendors or decorating the ceremony site. You should never feel bad about asking as long as you also understand their choice to decline, if they wish.

You can also delegate tasks if you don’t have the time to do the preparations. You can use a wedding planner. You can save time and money with this service provider, as he is a specialist in this field.

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