Ready to take the plunge? Choose music as the theme for your wedding. This is a truly original theme. It is possible to make decorations with this inspiration. If you want to have a successful wedding with a music theme, here are some practical tips.

What accessories to use?

With this theme, the choice of accessories is varied. From the design of the invitations to the decorations to the atmosphere of the party, everything is infused with a touch of music. Musical notes, sheet music or musical instruments are used. On the other hand, the use of black and white boxes is also reminiscent of piano keys. Gold-colored boxes are reminiscent of wind instruments.

How to decorate the room?

Everything in the room should reflect the theme of music. Chairs, tables, tablecloths and napkins should be inspired by music. The bride and groom can name the tables after musical masterpieces, artist names, opera musicians... As table markers, musical notes will do the trick. To emphasize the musical atmosphere, the decorator can hang musical instruments on the walls.

How to warm up the atmosphere?

With the theme of music, the atmosphere is always friendly. The bride and groom can opt for several types of entertainment. You can alternate the interpretation by a pianist, a group or a DJ. With the latter, a contemporary atmosphere is guaranteed. If the bride and groom are true music lovers, they can perform a song to open the ball. What could be more romantic for a dream wedding?