Wedding ceremony with country decorations

Published on : 08 October 20212 min reading time
For an original wedding, what could be more romantic than going back to the source? For this, you can opt for a country style decoration. The wild flower fields side is back in fashion. The possibilities are endless. The decoration of the tables, the room or the place is inspired by nature in its pure state.

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The table

For a successful country wedding, the tables are often covered with white tablecloths that highlight the natural setting. Usually, they are decorated with bouquets of seasonal flowers. On the other hand, some use field flowers to decorate the tables for example.

Still to insist on the theme of the wedding, white candles with original candle holders (heart-shaped, mermaid, vase …) allow to insist on the vintage and country side.

As for the table markers, the choice is endless. There are those who are overflowing with originality and use wooden clothespins that hold a small cardboard egg shell with the names of tables on it. And, there are the classics like the heart-shaped table markers.

Decorating the venue

The choice of the place where the wedding celebration will take place plays a crucial role. A country wedding can be held in a farmhouse, in the courtyard of a beautiful English residence or in a garden. This choice is mainly due to the natural atmosphere of the country wedding. But if not, a beautiful city garden with greenery and a fountain is a good choice.

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